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"Squeezed into alphanumeric cluster"?

I don't get the last part of this:

> The term has also been used to describe what are now referred to as "75%" keyboards, where the navigation cluster is
> reduced to a single column and the cursor keys are squeezed into the alphanumeric cluster.

The cursor keys aren't any closer to the alphanumerics than in full-size KBs, and they're certainly not "squeezed into" them. They're in the same place they always are. Am I missing something? Also, isn't the alphanumeric a bit big to refer to it as a "cluster"? Why not just call it "the alphanumeric area"? This is semantics, though. – Ander (talk) 04:07, 5 May 2015 (CEST)

That line is simply pointing out that 75% keyboards (for example, the SIIG MiniTouch) have been referred to as tenkeyless in the past. The preferred nomenclature for such keyboards is 75% or just compact keyboards. Tenkeyless is basically reserved for full-sized standard layout keyboards with the numpad chopped off.--002 (talk) 12:18, 5 May 2015 (CEST)