Tandberg Data TDV 2200 Series

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Tandberg terminal keyboards
Model no. TDV 22nn
Manufacturer Tandberg
Layouts ISO
Keyswitches Siemens STB 11 or STB 21
Keycaps Spherical double-shot ABS
Interface ASCII, V.11 / RS-422
Weight about 2kg
Years of production 1980 -- early 1990s
Price 280 DM (1987)

When the terminal line TDV 2200 of Tandberg Data was introduced in 1980 it set milestones in ergonomic design. The monitor had several degrees of freedom for personal adjustment. Along with the Siemens 9750 terminal, the TDV 2200 had the first keyboard that sported Siemens STB switches. It had functional areas seperated spatially as well as by colour and was extraordinarily low profiled and tactile without being clicky (almost a decade before Cherry introduced MX Clears and Browns).

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