TeleVideo 910

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TeleVideo 910
Televideo 910 terminal front.jpg
Part number Keyboard: KY-3030-C
Manufacturer TeleVideo
Features Emulation for ADDS 25, Hazeltine 1410, Lear Siegler ADM-3A/5
Keyswitches Futaba MD series
Interface Standard RS232C point-to-point, 20ma current loop (optional), RS232C printer port
Weight 30 lbs. (13.95 kg)
Years of production May, 1981
Price $699

The TeleVideo Model 910 terminal was made by TeleVideo. The Model 910 operates in a conversation mode with your computer system, in either half or full duplex. Baud rates can be set at any of 15 speeds, from 50 to 19,200. Depending on switch settings, the 910 will emulate a Lear Siegler ADM-3A/5, a Hazeltine 1410, or an ADDS 25.

The keyboard mechanism contains Futaba MD series switches. The feel of this particular keyboard is very stiff compared to The TeleVideo 950 with similar key switches. Of note is that this keyboard mechanism has no logic on the circuit board that the key switches reside on as opposed to the TeleVideo 950 with logic on the separate keyboard.[1]

This keyboard mechanism connects to the main logic board of the terminal via a ribbon cable.




KY-3030-C keyboard unit.