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File description template. Based on Wikipedia's Template:Information. Formerly known as "Template:Imagedesc".

Please be careful when dealing with which details refer to the original work, and which refer to your additional work in bringing the original work to the wiki.

When taking a photograph and uploading it, this is your original work that belongs to you and is copyrighted to you (unless waived); you are both the source and author. When scanning in a document, the paper document is the original work, whose copyright belongs to the manufacturer who produced it; you are the source of the file that was uploaded but not the author of the work in question.

For photographs, "Date" refers to the date that the photograph was taken (which may be years ago). For scans, "Date" refers to the date of the scanned document, for historical reference. "Date" never refers to the upload date, as MediaWiki records that automatically.


| description = [[IBM Model F]] — PCB
| source      = Own work
| date        = 2013-11-16
| author      = [[User:The keyboard oracle|]]
| licence     = Public Domain
| notes       = It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
Description IBM Model F — PCB
Source Own work
Date 2013-11-16
Author The keyboard oracle
Licence Public Domain­
Notes It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.


Description of the file or image
Source of the file that was uploaded, e.g. own work (photographed or scanned), company website
Date that the original work was produced, if known; for photographs, this refers to the date that the photograph was taken (the photograph being the original work in question), while for scans it refers to the publication date of the document that was scanned
Author of the original work (for scans, this refers to the author of the material being scanned); for own work, you may prefer to use simply [[User:wiki username|]] (the trailing "|" is the pipe trick)
Licence and re-use information for the original work. This can be omitted or left blank if an option in the Licencing drop-down covers the licensing sufficiently.
other versions
Optional; link to any alternative versions of the document here
Optional; comments to visitors and editors
Optional; notes for other editors, shown on a pale red background