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Names Return, Enter, Carriage Return
ASCII 0x0D, 0x0A (<CR>,<LF>),
macOS: 0x0D (<CR>)
Unix, Amiga: 0x0A (<LF>)
USB "Keyboard Return (ENTER)", page 7, id 40

Keyboard key infobox template.

{{infobox dkeyboardkey
| name   = Return
| names  = Return, Enter, Carriage Return
| symbol = ↵
| ascii  = 0x0D, 0x0A (<CR>,<LF>),<br/>macOS: 0x0D (<CR>)<br/>Unix, Amiga: 0x0A (<LF>)
| usb    = "Keyboard Return (ENTER)", page 7, id 40


Title of the infobox. Should be the name of the key, without "key" at the end
If the key has multiple names or textual legends, all of these separated by commas.
Common symbolic legend of key, when text is not used. If there are multiple symbols that don't fit another symbol category then these should be here, separated by comma. Use a Unicode character first, an image only if one is not available.
mac symbol
Symbolic legend on Macintosh keyboards when text is not used. Necessary only if not in common use other than on Macintosh
iso symbol
Symbol in the ISO/IEC 9995-7 standard. Necessary only if different from symbol or if macsymbol is used
ASCII code. Numeric code and name. Use hexadecimal, prefixed with "0x"
ANSI escape-code sequence. When possible, use names and symbols delimited by space instead of hex or C-style \-escaped codes. Example: "CSI 2 ~"
Name in the X11 Windowing System, as used by xmodmap
Name in the USB HID Usage Tables