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Tesoro Agile
Manufacturer Kailh
Switch type Clicky; linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Rated lifetime 50 M
Pretravel 1.5±0.5 mm
Total travel 3.5±0.5 mm
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount, PCB mount

Tesoro Agile is Tesoro's name for a low-profile key switch from Kailh.

Kailh's part number is still unconfirmed, but it is known to have many similarities with the Kailh PG1280 series. Pre-production renders of Tesoro's switch[1] are more consistent with PG1280 renders than with the actual result.[2] It is therefore possible that either the PG1280 changed or that Kailh/Tesoro chose another switch design as "Tesoro Agile".


The switch is keycap mount compatible with Cherry MX, and is also pin-compatible except for its PCB mounting pins. The biggest difference is otherwise the shorter travel distance.[2]

For better illumination, the top housing is clear and the slider is translucent (like Cherry MX RGB Nature White). The bottom housing is however opaque and coloured to indicate switch type.


Red Linear 50g[3]
Blue Clicky 55g[3]


  • Tesoro Gram Spectrum[4]


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