Tiki 100

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Tiki 100
Photo: Norsk Teknisk Museum
Manufacturer Tiki Data A/S, Oslo
Layouts ISO (Norwegian)
Keyswitches Sasse 200MN, occas. Siemens STB
Switch mount PCB mount
Keycaps Siemens STB, double-shot
Interface 12 x 8 matrix
Introduced 1984
Discontinued late 1980s
Price NOK 12,000 (1984)

The Tiki 100 was a desktop computer of the mid-1980s made by Tiki Data A/S, Oslo. Originally it was KonTiki, not just Tiki, but that name had to be dropped for legal reasons.

It's keyboard was heavily inspired by the the Tandberg TDV 2200 terminals, also produced in Norway, which were considered prestigous. In the original design, the colour scheme for the keycaps was exactly like Tandberg's (light beige, ochre and green),[1] but the final product had red or white but no green cursor keys. Early revision have (red slider) Siemens STB 11 keys, but this was changed to Sasse 200MN switches underneath Siemens caps.[2] Late systems have Siemens STB 21 switches.[3]


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