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Industry Manufacturing
Founded 1991 (official)
Headquarters Grosuplje, Slovenia
Products Computer keyboards
POS Solutions
Website www.tipro.net

Tipro design and manufacture computer terminals and POS business solutions.


In 1989, Tipro was described as "delovna organizacija za proizvodnjo tipk in tipkovnic" ("labor organization for keys and keyboard production") on the PCB of the Tipro T141A.[1] According to the Tipro website, the company was formally established in 1991, but it existed in some form for at least two years prior to this.[2]



Details on early Tipro keyboards are scarce. A T141A keyboard has been found with a German Cherry 1000 style case, stamped in German "21. Dez. 1988" in Cherry's red date stamp style (December is spelt the same in Slovenian but as "Dezember" in German). This keyboard is one of only two or three found with Tipro MX-style switches.[2]

Tipro are best known for their modular keyboard system. Tipro keyboard modules are available in various sizes, with both staggered and matrix layouts. One module will need a keyboard controller, and the other modules can be connected in to the primary module. These keyboards are fully programmable and provide relegendable keys.

Tipro keyboard modules use plate-mounted Cherry MX Black switches without diodes. The PCB of the MID/Free series has electrical lines on both sides. There are ANSI (US) and ISO (German) Versions available. All of the Keycaps have the same profile. All caps come in a 2-part design. The upper part can be transparent or already labelled with letters and characters. The Free Series offers extraordinary cable management underneath the housing.


ChangeMe is the software to program all series of Tipro keyboards; it can be found at www.tipro.net/ecatalogue/free-software-drivers/.

Each key can be programmed up to four different layers. It's possible to shift or lock to a different layer. The content is stored permanently in the memory of the Tipro controller. Once you program the keyboard, no software is needed.


Tipro at one point in time made their own switches, prior to switching to Cherry MX switches.


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