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Tipro MX-style
Tipro MX-style -- makeshift infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Tipro
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Metal contact
Keycap mount Fits SMK J-M0404 keycaps
Switch mount Plate mount

Tipro MX-style refers to an old switch from Tipro. No information on these switches appears to still exist at Tipro, hence the provisional name.


Tipro MX-style is a Cherry MX-like switch from Tipro. The only example examined in detail to date is tactile sliding-collar design, like Cherry MX White.

While similar in style to Cherry MX, the upper shell is noticeably shorter, and it just about fits SMK J-M0404 keycaps. This keycap mount fits in with Tipro SMK-style switches.

Illumination has yet to be seen, but some shells do accept LEDs. The base appears to be reversible, with holes put through where needed.


  • Tipro T141A (1989)
  • Unknown keyboard in Monterey case

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