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Topre JustSystems Keyboards
Branding JustSystems, Van Nuys
Manufacturer Topre
Product family Topre JUST Limited
Layouts Japanese 106/108-key, or 91-key tenkeyless
Keyswitches Topre switches
Interface PS/2 or USB (?)
Introduced ?


Topre JUST Limited keyboards are designed to assist with JustSystems' Japanese input method editor, ATOK. There are eight known models, half of which are full-size 106/108-key and the other half are 91-key tenkeyless models. All JUST Limited keyboards have a Japanese layout.

The JUST Limited keyboards look and function essentially the same as a Realforce keyboard with a few modifications, which can include:

  • The JustSystems logo printed in the top right corner of board or on the LED indicator plate.
  • Custom red ATOK keys replacing the normal positions of 'Print Screen/SysRq', 'Num Lock/Scroll Lock', 'Enter', 'Tab', 'Shift' and 'Pause/Break' (original keycaps also supplied).
  • Custom shortcut keys accessible via the function keys. (Combinations are: 'Shift' + 'F#', 'Ctrl' + 'F#', and 'Shift' + 'Ctrl' + 'F#').
  • A 'Van Nuys' branded keyboard cover which can be folded to serve as a wrist rest.
  • A red 'Esc' key comes standard on some models.
  • Orange/Amber LEDs for Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock.


JUST Limited 91UW

JUST Limited 108UW-HiPro

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