Topre GB0200

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Part number GB0200
Branding Topre (on PCB)
Manufacturer Topre
Layouts 112-key Japanese
Keyswitches Topre switches
Keycaps ?
Interface PS/2
Weight 1385g


The GB0200 is an accounting / POS keyboard made by Topre. The GB0200 was likely created as a generic option for business-to-business customers, and as such was not made available to general consumers. At least one example of a GB0200 has been found with branding suggesting that it was in use by the Japanese branch of NCR, an American company specialising in self-service kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, automated teller machines, check processing systems, barcode scanners, and business consumables.[1]


The GB0200 is similar in appearance to the standard 106-key JIS layout Topre Realforce models such as the LA0100, but it does have quite a few changes that differentiate it from normal keyboard layouts. LED indicator keys for Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Print Screen occupy the standard locations of F1 through to F4, with the remaining function keys being relegendable. There are 4 extra relegendable function keys above the numpad, which is the area normally reserved for the LED indicator plate. The number pad is different in that the normal location of the '+' key is now split into two keys, one with '/' and '*' and the other with '.' and 'Del'. There are 'Y' and 'N' keys, presumable meaning 'Yes' and 'No' at the top, and '00' and '000' keys at the bottom that suggest that this keyboard is used in accounting / POS applications. The only other noteworthy change is that the F12 key is located where the right 'Ctrl' key is usually found. The GB0200, like most OEM Topre keyboards, has uniform weighted 45cN keys.

Layout differences

Realforce 106 GB0200
F1 Num Lock
F2 Caps Lock
F3 Scroll Lock
F4 Print Screen / Sys Rq
F5-F12 Blank Relegendable
Num Lock Y
/ N
* '+' / '-'
- Pause
+ '/' / '*'
+ '.' / 'Del'
0 / Ins 00
'.' / 'Del' 000
Right Ctrl F12