Topre Realforce 87U

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Topre Realforce 87U
RF87U Front.jpg
Part number Various, see this table
Branding Topre Realforce
Manufacturer Topre
Features DIP switches
Layouts 87-key ANSI
Keyswitches Topre switch
Keycaps Dye-sublimated PBT,
ABS (Spacebar)
Interface USB

Perhaps the most popular Realforce keyboard in the western world is the 87U line. They are similar to the 86U, but with some extra features such as an embedded numpad which is activated with the Num Lock key (shared with Scroll Lock), an extra Windows key on the right, between the Alt and Menu keys, and different variable force weighting. Both the 86U and 87U keyboards have been sold with replacement keycaps for Ctrl and Caps Lock, with the 87U having LED windowed versions for both keycaps. Some 87U keyboards also come with lavender keycap replacements for the WASD cluster.

See the page about Topre Realforce for more info on this range of keyboards.


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