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USw LMBW02 is an extremely rare switch from an unknown manufacturer. USw LMWW01 is a heavier weight version intended for a space bar.


According to Tai-Hao, the manufacturer was a now-defunct Japanese company whose name may be "Katano".[1] No other details about the switch have survived.


The contact arrangement is a hybrid between a full switchplate and bare contacts: the actuator leaf and movable contact are the same part (where a "true" switchplate has a separate actuator leaf that engages a prong that presses on the contacts), but the contacts are held together by a plastic moulding.

A second pair of holes in the base permits an LED to be fitted to the switch; the LED is located to the corner of the switch.

This switch is only known from a single keyboard, Tai-Hao TH-5150. Here, it is paired with Tai-Hao TH series keycaps, which appear to beCherry MX mount.





The example below is from Tai-Hao's own preserved TH-5150. The shell design is distinctly different.

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