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This is a listing of all the keyboards manufactured by Unicomp, either currently, or in the past. Unless stated otherwise, they are largely identical to the IBM or Lexmark keyboard that they are based on, and thus the page of the parent model should be consulted for further information.


The Customizer 101/102 is Unicomp's brand name for the 42H1292-style Model M keyboard. Some early material refers to this keyboard as the 42H1292U. Some later IBM 42H1292s were in fact rebranded Customizers made by Unicomp. At some point during 2001, Unicomp began selling the Customizer 104/105, which had Windows keys. In 2003, they began selling an all black version with pad printed keys, or a version with a black casing and dye sublimated grey keys. The former had the same wear problems associated with the black M13, so it was discontinued after 2 or 3 years. In 2006, Unicomp began offering a USB version of the Customizer.

The Customizer has drainage holes like the 42H1292, but some have been seen without drainage channels. There are buckling spring and rubber dome Customizers.

As of 2012, Unicomp has renamed the Customizer to the Classic.


The On-The-Stick was Unicomp's branding for an M13-style keyboard with an integrated pointing stick. Instead of using the IBM Trackpoint II like the M13 does, it uses Unicomp's own design of pointing stick which is based around a force sensing resistor. This design is cheaper and less power intensive than the strain gauge used in the IBM Trackpoint, but the stick moves when pressed on, giving it a wobbly feel. In addition, the design is not optimized for modern screens, and needs sensitivity adjusted to work on a high resolution monitor (the Trackpoint II used in the M13 and M4-1 also has this issue). Some standard and industrial IBM M13 variants were rebranded On-The-Sticks.

It was discontinued and replaced by the EnduraPro in 2008.

On-The-Ball and On-The-Ball Plus

The On-The-Ball is similar to the IBM Model M5-2. Whereas the M5-2 was based on the 1391401 and had a detachable SDL cable, the On-The-Ball is based on the Customizer. The On-The-Ball Plus had an FSR Trackpoint in addition to the trackball. Rubber dome versions of the On-The-Ball are very common (part number 96U1114), so one should take care if they are buying a second hand one. Given that the standard On-The-Ball is based on the Customizer, it is available in the same variations - such as the choice of PS/2 or USB, 101/102-key layout or 104/105-key, and white or black with grey keys. The On-The-Ball Plus is quite rare, it entered production in 2000 and ceased to be available in 2008.

Mighty Mouse

The Mighty Mouse is Unicomp's branding for the IBM Model M4 and M4-1 keyboards. They also manufactured the associated numeric keypad attachment. Unlike other Unicomp pointing stick keyboards, the Mighty Mouse used the same IBM Trackpoint II that the original M4-1 used. Some later IBM M4-1s are rebranded Mighty Mouse keyboards. Some have complained that the keys were wobbly on later models.

The trackpoint version was discontinued in 2008, and the standard version has been out of production since 2010.

Terminal keyboards

Unicomp produces a number of Model M terminal keyboards, both 102-key and 122-key designs for 3270, 5250 and 3101 style terminals, as well as terminal emulator keyboards. These are one of Unicomp's main products, and it is quite common to see rebranded ones from various terminal vendors, particularly Boscom.

EnduraPro, SpaceSaver/Ultra Classic, and SpaceSaver M

The EnduraPro was first released in 2000, and was a version of the Japanese IBM 5576-C01 modified with a 104-key ANSI or 105-key ISO layout, and with the Trackpoint II replaced with the Unicomp pointing stick design. It followed similar trends to the Customizer, being later modified to USB, and being available in the choice of white, grey on black, and briefly all-black.

The SpaceSaver is a version of the EnduraPro without the pointing stick, released in 2007. There are markings on the case where the mouse buttons would be on the EnduraPro. In 2011, Unicomp released the SpaceSaver M, a 105-key ANSI keyboard designed for use with Apple computers. It features a near-standard Mac keyboard layout, and an Fn layer on the F keys. It is only available in US layout. The standard SpaceSaver was renamed the "SpaceSaver PC" to differentiate it from the Mac version. In 2012, Unicomp renamed the SpaceSaver to the Ultra Classic.

Neither the EnduraPro nor the SpaceSaver have drainage channels/holes.

Value Plus

A low cost rubber dome keyboard manufactured for Unicomp by Silitek. There are two slightly different looking versions - one is a 104-key US layout keyboard with a PS/2 connector, and the other is similar except with an AT connector.

Wireless Keyboards

A Silitek-made compact wireless keyboard with an integrated pointing stick and scissor switches. There appear to have been two different wireless keyboard designs sold by Unicomp at various stages.


Unicomp Ultra Classic (2015)