Unikey KB-7001

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Unikey KB-7001
Unikey KB-7001 -- top.jpg
Model no. KB-7001, KB-7061
FCC ID LIAKB-7000 (1994)
FMA44H (Chicony KB-7001, 1993)
Manufacturer Unikey
Layouts Modified Asian 101
Keyswitches Alps SKBM White, Alps SKCM Salmon
Keycaps Tai-Hao TI series
Interface AT
Dimensions 530 × 194 × 41 mm
Weight 1126 g

KB-7001 is a fixed-position, split-layout single body ergonomic keyboard from Unikey. It has been sold under several different brands. Models numbered KB-7061 are believed to be the same keyboard, and it is unclear if there is any difference.


Unlike most keyboards of this type, the keyboard is flat with no tenting. There are two separate space bars, one per side, and the Control and Alt keys and the Space bar are all adjacent. Other than this, the layout is typical Asian 101. The keycaps are Tai-Hao TI series cylindrical double-shot.

Two-stage feet are provided.


The keyboard has been sold under different brands.

The earliest example found is a Chicony-branded keyboard dated "1993" with FCC ID FMA44H, which means that it could have been made by NTC before NTC's manufacturing became part of Unikey (a part of Chicony). [1]

Brand Model Switch FCC
Addison KB-7001 Alps SKCM Salmon
Chicony KB-7001 Alps SKCM White FMA44H[1]
Chicony KB-7061 Alps SKCM White LIAKB-7000[2]
PC Reveal KB-7061 Alps SKCM White LIAKB-7000
PC Accessories KB-7001 Alps SKCM White LIAKB-7000[3]
Unikey KB-7001 Alps SKCM White LIAKB-7000[4]
Unikey KB-7061 Alps SKCM White
Fellowes KB-7061 Alps SKCM White


Example from 1995 or 1996. Despite the date, there are no Windows keys present. The connector is reported to have been DIN-5 before being replaced with a PS/2 plug.

The switches are given as "ALPS 簡易軸" (Alps simple shaft) and have white or colourless sliders, indicating Alps SKBM White; the Chicony examples use Alps SKCM White.


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