Unitra Dolam M-24-112

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Unitra Dolam M-24-112
Unitra Polam -- switch case with slider.jpg
Manufacturer Unitra Dolam
Switch type Linear
Sense method Reed

Unitra Dolam M-24-112 is a type of reed switch switch from Unitra Dolam. The switches are branded "UNITRA DOLAM" on the upper shell and all bear the identifying number "M-24-112". The series is likely to be "M-24", although all switches observed to date are marked "M-24-112" and no information exists regarding alternative varieties.

A switch consists of a plate-mounted base, an internal slider and a square switch case. The slider connects with a keycap through a hole in said case. A small magnet is attached to its bottom. After applying force from above, the magnet descends to a close proximity of the reed electronic element. A helical spring that connects the base with the slider provides return potency after the key has been released.

There are many known colour variants of the switch case: black, grey and white. No functional differences have been observed.



  • Elwro 800 Junior[1]


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