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  • Collector of rare and quirky Topre keyboards and miscellaneous items. If you have something interesting, let me know :)
  • Deskthority alias: 002
  • Geekhack alias: 002
  • Contact: 002 at



Model Number Model Name Number of Keys Condition
5 x Realforce Keychain N/A 1 New in packets
WC01B0 23UB 23 New in box
CA0200 MCRW-5000 Numpad 24 Used
YE0100 MICRO CADAM Function Keyboard 5617-CXB 32 Used
9E0650 MCRW-1000 Keyboard 81 New in box
9E0650 MCRW-5000 Keyboard 81 Used
5D0201 VDS KB-620JV 86 Used but no defects
GJ0101 Hatsuko Electronics HEKB01 86 Heavily used and yellowed
SE1700 87UB 87 Heavily used and shiny space bar
ZX0200 Cooler Master NovaTouch TKL 87 New in box
CTCSP CKUB-MIN Topre Short-throw 88 Used with minor scratches
ND01N0 CS NEO OEM 89 Heavily used, cord yellowed
ND31BS 89S-10th 89 Used but no defects
MD01B0 Topre Short-throw 90 New in box
MD0200 Topre Short-throw 90 Used but no defects
Mitsubishi M6905-4 Topre Short-throw 90 Used but no defects
NG01J0 JUST Limited 91UW 91 New in box
TA0100 Dharmapoint Tactical Keyboard DRTCKB91UBK 91 Used but no defects
NWP-411A Sony NEWS NWP-411A 93 Used but has been restored
BF0101 Juki DATUM FK201 97 Heavily used and yellowed
EA0401 Sony BKE-2011 97 Heavily used and large scratch
NWP-5461 Sony NEWS NWP-5461 103 Heavily used and yellowed
SE1200 103U-UW 103 Heavily used and shiny space bar
XF0100 104UW (Deskthority Euro Tour Board) 104 Heavily used
YG1200 104 Pro 104 New in box
FD0100 FD0100 106 Used but no defects
FD0200 Nissho KB106DE 106 Used but no defects
キーボードMCR Fujitsu Axess MCR 108 Used and some yellowed caps
RE0100 EDIUS Keyboard III 108 New in box
WL0100 ilovex KEYBOARD 108 New in box
ZH0300 JUST Limited 108UW-HiPro 108 New in box
GB0200 NCR Keyboard 112 Used but no defects
KB0101 KB0300 114 Used, some yellowing on relegendables
N8606-06 NEC A-VX N8606-06 119 New in box
DK0101 Hitachi HT-4296-15X 123 Used and yellowed
JDL Board 1 JDL 126 Used and yellowed
JDL Board 2 JDL 126 Used and yellowed
FE0103 Sony BKE-9400A 129 Used and paint flaking
BFKBPS2R EPSON ビジネスフルキーボード 130 New in box


Miscellaneous Notes / To Do

  • The top arrow key on Topre keyboards used to be the same profile as Row B keys (Z,X,C,V,B,N,M). Topre changed this for later models. Not sure when though...
  • Topre used paper phenol substrate PCBs (FR-1 & FR-2) for PCB material on older model keyboards (OEM and Realforce). They now use glass epoxy (FR-4). Visually distinguishable by the colour of the PCB. Brown on the back for paper and green on the back for glass. (Thanks to KeysKuzim and rzwv)
  • FD0100 seems to be Topre's offering to businesses seeking something they can re-brand. I've only ever seen one example though. I suspect that the NCR keyboard (GB0200) is the same deal actually...
  • It is very possible that the FD0200 (AKA, the Nissho KB106DE) is actually a generic keyboard produced by Topre and offered as a solution for businesses rather than consumers. Reason:
  • Photograph spacebar spring from white Topre keyboard
  • Take better brown Alps internals pics
  • More pics for Olivetti dome with slider
  • Add new Chinese Realforce model
  • Add new Ducky Realforce models - 104UB-DK30S / 104UB-DK45S
  • Add new 2016 Japanese Realforce models - 91UG-S, 108P-S
  • Add prototype analog Realforce model
  • Expand Type Heaven page with extra notes about RGB model having analog sensing