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  • To-do list — for me, but free for anyone else to tackle in the meantime (abandoned)
  • /Companies — company research status (out of date)
  • /Interesting part numbers — parts that may still be out there somewhere and are needed for research and documentation purposes


Personal acknowledgements to community members, in approximate chronological order.

Jennifer Elaan
For getting me into this mess in the first place
Geoff Stilwell
Not sure if it was him, but whoever it was who gave me the Tulip AT Compact 2 PC, the one that came with the Tulip ATK 030244 that I dug out during the conversation with Jenni (it had been stood in a corner for years as I didn't realise I could connect it to a modern computer, not even my 486 that I had at the time I got the Tulip)
Edgar Matias
For providing the true identity of Xiang Min — the critical first step in the process of unravelling the Mystery of Alps
For success in obtaining the switch manufacturer for AZiO keyboards (Taiwan Tai-Hao), the second step in the Mystery of Alps
Mr Interface
For a complementary switch sample pack
For his keyboard and switch research, and his pointer in the right direction towards unravelling Futaba linear switches
For some free USw LMBW01 switches
For some free Cherry M84A-0100 switches
Various free switches (Marquardt, Alps and Cherry)
For finding the SMK J-M 9031 brochure and solving another mystery (the identity of SMK vintage linear switches)


As of September 2017:


In approximate order of acquisition:

Model Switch Acquired Notes
Packard Bell 5149 BTC dome with slider PC, 1994
Apple Keyboard II Mitsumi hybrid switch Macintosh LC or IIvx, ca. 1997
BBC Micro Type 1 × 3 Futaba simplified linear BBC Micros, ca. 1997
Tulip ATK 030244 Alps SKCM Blue Tulip 286 PC, ca. 1998
MacAlly MK-105SUKMCG Domes September 2000 Motorola StarMax keyboard
Cherry G83-6153LPQGB/02 Domes PC, 2004
Diatec FKBN105MC/UKB Cherry MX Blue The Keyboard Company, January 2010 Primary home keyboard
Diatec FKBN105M/UKB Cherry MX Brown The Keyboard Company, February 2010
Matias FK302-UK Fuhua Alps white, KSB-LE green (linear) with LED The Keyboard Company, February 2011
Dell AT102W Alps SKCM Black (bamboo) Digital Pipeline, August 2011
Acer 6312-TW Acer (white) Digital Pipeline, February 2012
NTC KB-6153EN Type OA2 Radio rally
Viglen 6312 Acer (black) Radio rally
Cherry G80-3000LQCDE-2/01 Cherry MX Clear PC Planet, August 2012
Dell KB522 Domes Dell OptiPlex 9010, November 2012
Matias FK302QPC-UK Matias tactile The Keyboard Company, March 2013
Cherry G84-4400 (with trackball; NIB) Cherry ML Stockwood Park radio rally, May 2013
Unbranded Fujitsu FKB4700-152 Fujitsu Peerless Stockwood Park radio rally, May 2013
Tulip ATK 03.01.44 Tactile SMK inverse cross mount Stockwood Park radio rally, May 2013
IBM Model M (1391406, UK ISO, Greenock) IBM membrane buckling spring Newbury radio rally, June 2013
Neve Necam 96 audio station keyboard RAFI RS 74 M Newbury radio rally, June 2013
NTC KB-6251EA Alps SKCM White (pine) Newbury radio rally, June 2013
Datacomp DFK-192 Alps SKCM White (pine) Ascaii, August 2013
Oriental Tech OK-100M Oriental Tech linear Ascaii, August 2013
ETC Power Glide 105 Alps SKCM White (plum), Futaba lock Ascaii, August 2013 Melted keys and contains more dirt than the Daily Mail
Mitsumi KPQ-E99ZC-12 Mitsumi hybrid switch Paul Robson
KBC PKX-6100 Cherry MX Red QWERTim, February 2014 Primary work keyboard
Cherry G84-4135PTMDE/00 Cherry ML gore, June 2014
Cherry G80-3700HAU Cherry MX Black Newbury radio rally, June 2014
KPT KPT-84 Four-tab clone lowpoly, July 2014
NEC PC-8201A Alps SKFL, Alps SKFL Lock, unknown McMichael radio rally, July 2014
Commodore 64 bare keyboard Linear Mitsumi hybrid switch, Mitsumi weird latching McMichael radio rally, July 2014
Bespoke or DIY 3×6 keypad Cherry MX Black (special LED version) McMichael radio rally, July 2014
Matias FK302PC-UK Matias click The Keyboard Company, December 2014


Not exhaustive!

Model Switch Source Destination Notes
Dell oval series (unknown model) Rubber dome OptiPlex GX270 Lost on customer site Binding problems; replaced with Trust scissor
Trust Slimline Keyboard KB-1450 Scissor switch Micro Direct Rehomed at work
Diatec FKBN105M/UKB Cherry MX Brown The Keyboard Company, January 2010 PhAtfiSh Didn't need two of them!
Diatec FKBN87Z/EB-Y KSB-C The Keyboard Company, August 2010 fossala Too stiff; sold as a donor board for blue Alps CM
Unicomp UB43PHA IBM membrane buckling spring Unicomp, March 2010 My father
Apple MB110B/A Island scissor Dabs, November 2008 Used by coworker A bit rubbish
Chicony KB-5182 SMK Alps mount switch Radio rally Findecanor Wish I'd kept it :(
Dell QuietKey (SK-1000REW) Domes Came with a PC in mid-2004 To meet its maker
Apple M0116 Salmon Alps CM geekhack member skryl, December 2012 ne0phyte
Zenith Supersport SX 386 notebook Alps integrated dome Newbury radio rally, June 2013 Muirium
Thorpe 105UB Thorpe switch The Keyboard Company, August 2011 Leanne Cooper, October 2014
Viglen KU-0325 Rubber dome over membrane Second-hand NEC PC Given away with a spare PC, ca. February 2015
Monterey K110 Hua-Jie AK-CN2 webwit, February 2013 chzel, January 2015
Apple M2980 NMB dome with slider University surplus, ca. 2003 Dustman Membrane–PCB connection broke during disassembly; not worth fixing
Apple M2980 Alps domes University surplus, ca. 2003 Dustman Membrane–PCB connection broke during disassembly; not worth fixing




As of September 2017, I have at least 3000 loose switches, comprising over 350 different types.