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I, Findecanor is a guy from Stockholm, Sweden.

I have had an interest in user interface technology for a long time. I started to delve into keyboards because I am a computer programmer by profession and the keyboard is my most important hardware tool.

Keyboard collection

I have written articles about the most important of my keyboards (if someone else had not done it first). The pictures below are of keyboards in my collection that I have written about on the Wiki.

  • Phantom. Cherry MX Clear switches, lubricated with RO-59 and silenced with silencing clips. Cherry lasered PBT keycaps, mostly thick + a couple thin to make Swedish layout. Retro beige and grey colour scheme. Custom plastic "frankencase", painted beige. Daily driver at home. I have lost who gave me the space bar, but thanks again!
  • Ducky G2PRO Tenkeyless (DK9087G2). Cherry MX Clear. Leopold dark blue blank thick PBT caps + Cherry Return. Main keyboard at work.
  • "ErgoDox ShmergoDox" :), modified with 1u outer columns (Thanks to bpiphany for adding them in the design!) and a smaller, more accessible thumb cluster. PCBs from first ever run on Massdrop. Vintage Cherry MX Blue switches. Custom acrylic plate with laser-etched keycaps from a BTC 5140 and matched custom caps from WASD Keyboards in Swedish layout ... but no case.
  • Dolch PAC-62 keyboard.jpg
    Dolch PAC-62 keyboards (Cherry G80-1813HFX innards), UK layout. Added PS/2 cable. Keys dampened with orthodontic elastic bands. I use 3/16" medium. Was my first in the (new) world of mech keyboards, and my main keyboard at home until I finished the Phantom.
  • Compaq MX-11800, which is a Cherry G80-11800 with Cherry MX Brown switches. Euro find on German eBay, modified to tenkeyless and some keys remapped. Case painted white. Used at work a lot. Swedish layout, from a German set and a few transplanted from a Cherry G83-6000 with modified stems.
  • Cherry G80-3000LQCDE. Black. Cherry MX Clear switches. Cherry keycaps in Swedish layout, combined from Norwegian Cherry G81-3000 (Group buy by tinnie with help from tlt) and German G81-1800 caps (Mr Interface). Also got use at work.
  • CherryG80-0915.jpg
    Cherry G80-0915/2. Commodore PC-5, PC-10 keyboard. Swedish layout. Talks the AT protocol.
  • IBM Model M2. Mix of UK and German layout, because I had two of those originally but type in Swedish.
  • Sun Type 5c. Swedish layout. One of the most beautiful keyboard ever made, so I just had to have one. Too bad that it has mushy rubber dome switches.
Sun Type 5c, Swedish IBM-like layout
  • Dell AT101W. Modified to have clicky, dampened switches. Key caps and click leaves from a Macintosh clone keyboard (PowerUser 105). Sliders from a AEKII.
  • Realforce 105UB WE11BO. Variable weighting. Swedish layout. Black, but has yellow Enter key. Previously owned by Deskthority users Julle, Sixty and Zelaxe. Used at work until I experienced pain in joints of index and middle fingers.
  • Goldtouch, first generation. Split, adjustable keyboard. Rubber dome. Swedish layout. Very worn. Ingenious!
  • Belkin Nostromo n52. That I intended to mod with Cherry MX.. but never got around to.
  • Fujitsu KB8738. Rubber dome, tenkeyless and with thumb-joystick. Transplanted domes from a Key Tronic keyboard -- which was a massive improvement in key feel, but I still prefer mechanical.
  • Key Tronic ErgoForce and OEM keyboards. For over a decade, these were all I used.
  • Casio S-51 typewriter. The switches are SMK spring-over-conductive dome modules over a PCB. Really smooth, tactile, mostly silent but lightly clicky and well-designed stabilisers — what Fujitsu Peerless should have been.

Previously owned

  • HHKB Lite 2.jpg
    HHKB Lite 2. Rubber dome HHKB with cursor keys.
  • DEC LK401. Terminal keyboard. Horrible rubber dome. Spherical keycaps.
  • HP keyboard with HIL connector. From a HP-9000 series workstation. Rubber dome.
  • Cherry G80-1851LPCDE "DE". (It is actually the one on the G80-1800 page). Cherry MX black, PS/2-USB combo, German layout.
  • Genovation keypad. Programmable, relegendable. Cherry MX Black.

Favourite keyboard switch

Right now, I think it would be purple Zilents, 78g version one. They are clones of Cherry MX Clear, but dampened and smoother.

I have actually not tried them and they are now discontinued, but I have tried undampened Zealios V1 and dampened Gateron Brown and the Zilents are supposed to combine the features of those two.

Other interests

I build and collect replicas of props. I have been active on the The Replica Prop Forum for over a decade. Most of my prop replicas are high-end and/or home-made items from the Star Wars movie universe such as lightsabers, blasters and costumes. I am a member of the 501st Legion. My stapler of choice is a red Swingline (of course a modified Model 646, not a 747).

I also read novels, of which most are in the sci-fi and fantasy genres.


You can send me PM and email from my profile on the forum.

I got the username from an Elvish (Tolkien) name translator web page (...) a long time ago when I needed a new username. I had entered "hair scorched by the sun", and got "Fin dec Anor" back. "Findecáno" (without the R) is also the Quenya name of a character in the Silmarillion, more commonly called Fingon (Sindarin form). "Anor" means "fire" and "Sun" in Sindarin.

BTW. The "Findecanor" on Twitter and Steam (also with R) is another guy, from Spain, not me.