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I, HaaTa, give permission everyone to reproduce, reuse and copy my images and force curves. No permission is necessary when using images on the Deskthority wiki or similar collection of public input device knowledge. My only request is that a link be provided back to the original Flickr album or Plotly graph so that others who are interested may find more information about keyboards.

Deskthority Awards

Best input device photo 2016

Best relic/discovery 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011


Keyboard Website, has Flickr and Plotly links.

Co-founder of Input Club

Reachable on

Knowledge wishlist

  • Prototopre, who designed it, who manufactured it
  • Datasheet on Honeywell Hall Effect switch variants (switch code catalog)
  • Origin and lineage of NEC/SMK/Maxi linear switches
  • STM Topre-like sliders, coincidence?
  • Purpose of seal Futaba variant (4 pin)