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anything listed below is what i currently own. EDIT: a lot needs to be added and I will get around to it eventually

Model Switch
Cherry G80-11900 Cherry MX Black
Cherry G80-11900 Cherry MX Black
CM Storm QuickFire Rapid Cherry MX Brown
CM Storm QuickFire TK Cherry MX Blue
Magicforce 68-key Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Clear
IBM Model M 1391401 IBM membrane buckling spring
IBM Model M 52G9700 IBM membrane buckling spring
BTC 5100C BTC dome with slider
Lite-On SK-0002 Alps SKCM White
Ortek MKB-84SX Alps SKCM White
Dell AT101W Alps SKCM Black
Chicony KB-5591 SMK Alps mount
Apple Standard Keyboard Alps SKCM Orange
NMB RT-100/RT-8200 series Black clicky space invaders
Affirmative (Unicomp) Model M 122-key* IBM membrane buckling spring
Compaq SDM4540UL Samsung domes
Chicony KB-2961 Chicony domes
Dell RT7D20 NMB domes (non-slider)
Compaq RT2156TW NMB dome with slider
eMachines eKB-5190A BTC domes (non-slider)
HP 9109 BTC domes (non-slider)
Smith Corona SD 660 Typewriter Smith Corona leaf-spring-over-membrane
Keytronic Lifetime keyboard Keytronic domes

Previously owned

likely tossed rubber domes or disassembled for parts

Model Switch
Gateway SK-9921 Silitek domes
HP 5187 BTC domes (non-slider)
PC Concepts "Turbo-Plus" Keyboard Discrete pressure domes
Syncan ST-2000B Can Tech domes
Dell RT7D50 NMB domes (non-slider)
Logitech "Cordless Desktop Pro" Logitech domes
HP KBR0133 Chicony domes
Adler Printing Calculator Alps integrated dome
Brother GX-6750 Brother dome with slider