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I'm not a weeaboo I swear.

Or maybe I am. Who's to say, really.

Keyboard Collection so far

  • QFR with MX Browns and Maxkey SA Black keycaps
  • Corsair K65 with MX Red RGB switches and iKBC doubleshot PBT keycaps
  • DZ60 Rev 2 "Sand Dune" in Cerakoted Aluminum case with Aluminum mounting plate, Kailh BOX White switches, and Maxkey SA Dolch keycaps
  • Sejin Electron EAT-1010 ANSI layout with Samsung branding
  • BTC 5339 with the foam pad missing from the MACRO key for some odd reason. Whoever owned it previously must have really hated the MACRO key, will fix eventually.
  • IBM PC/XT Model F keyboard, failed to sell it, still can't get rid of it
  • Razer Blackwidow X Tournament Edition with Kailh Razer Greens with Pudding Caps for the memes
  • NEC PC8801 mkII SR keyboard, Not functioning, mostly torn down for use on a future project.
  • Logitech K840 with Romer-G Switches and I kinda hate this one not gonna lie
  • Magicforce 68 with Gateron KS-8 series Red linear switches and Qisan's own Cherry Profile PBT dye sub caps.

Boards I really need/want to get soon