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"(diff | hist) . . NEC H0150-STD1-01-17‎; 01:06 . . (0)‎ . . ‎Tactica (Talk | contribs)‎ (Brand at least is definitely not NEC, and manufacturer may well be wrong too.)"

What a worthless comment, why don't you tell us exactly what that NEC keyboard it is then...putting other peoples work down with ZERO input on that page...what a shame. What's wrong are comments like this, if this was my page I'm sure half of it would have been deleted. How much do you really know about vintage keyboards Tactica?

I know snuci better, and I realised last night semi-consciously that he'd just put "NEC" instead of "NCR" by mistake, and this morning I checked it and corrected the page name. Tactica I am guessing thought that there was some reason for writing "NEC", but there wasn't, it was a mistake. Daniel Beardsmore (talk) 09:48, 18 January 2018 (CET)
Of course it was a mistake, pointless to even mention it. I'd PM the author and or change it right away depending on the situation. If I commented every detail that I see wrong in this wiki that would amount pages...