VTCL 2269

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VTCL 2269
VTCL 2269 Assembled.JPG
Model no. 52226940?
FCC ID IFS80-2269-1 (1991)
Branding Laser
Keyswitches SMK Cherry MX mount
Keycaps Double-shot cylindrical
Interface AT

Laser 2269 is a keyboard from Laser, with SMK Cherry MX mount switches and double-shot keycaps.[1] The exact model number is not known; some websites refer to it as "Laser III 52226940",[2] although the origin of this apparent model number is a mystery.

The OEM has been suggested to be Chicony.[3]

It uses the AT keyboard interface and can be passively converted to PS/2.


There are 8 screws on the back side.

Inside, there are 11 black screws on the PCB. 4 of them are hidden under the following keycaps: space, caps lock, between +/enter on the numpad and left control.



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