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WASD Keyboards
Type Privately owned
Industry Keyboards and accessories
Founded 2011
Headquarters Milpitas, California, USA
Website www.wasdkeyboards.com

WASD Keyboards is an online vendor of mechanical keyboards and accessories of its own brand. It was founded in 2011 to cater for the enthusiast and gaming markets. It is based in Milpitas in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Product line

WASD Keyboards' flagship product is a full-size mechanical keyboard, a variant of Costar's reference design with Cherry MX switches. It is available in many options and switch variations. As of February 2018, they are available in full-size, tenkeyless, and 60% compact sizes, each in both ANSI and ISO layouts.

The company is mostly known for its Custom Keyboard Designer with which a customer can design its own layout and colour scheme for a keyboard or keycap set. Most products are bought from Costar in Taiwan but WASD Keyboards UV prints keycaps in its own factory on order. Previously, laser etching was used.

Beside full keyboards, WASD Keyboards also sells Cherry MX-compatible keycaps, keyboard parts and accessories. Keyboards have Costar stabilisers.


There are many options for legends. Keycaps can be blank or have UV printed legends. Legends can be in a MS Windows standard font or be completely custom.

The keycaps are of ABS plastic and has the larger standard contoured profile for Cherry MX, compatible in layout, size and profile with Filco, Das and others. Keyboards and keycap sets have Windows keys and a centered-stem caps lock. Big-ass enter keys (for Steelseries,...) and 1.5 wide control and Alt keys (for iOne XArmor, winkeyless Cherry keyboards,...) are not available. The company has a compatibility chart to help buyers.

Some doubleshot ABS or PBT keycaps are available as options, which cannot be printed.


The company was nominated in the Best keyboard company or brand category in the 2011 Deskthority Awards.

The company has taken its name from WASD gaming keys.

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