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Wang 725-3770
Wang 725-3770 top view.jpg
Model no. 724
Part number 725-3770* (ANSI)
725-3771* (ISO)
FCC ID B4Y5K5724 (1988)
Branding Wang
Keyswitches Alps SKCL/SKCM series
Interface 6P6C

725-3770 and 725-3771 are Wang keyboards that use Alps SKCL/SKCM series switches. These keyboards are described as "Model 724" on the rear label.

It would appear that 725-3770 is used for US keyboards, and 725-3771 for European keyboards. This keyboard has an adjustable clicker. The large feet are adjustable in three positions by pulling outward. The keycaps are dye sub and double dye sub. There are two LED's on the very right and left between the keys help/esc and scroll lock/cancel. It appears the three increments at the top of the case above and below the function row were designed to hold note strips/ slides.



Part number Layout Date code Main switch LED switch
725-3770-US[1] United States 8925 or 8935 Alps SKCM Orange Alps SKCL Green
725-3770-US[2] United States 01 92 Alps SKCM Salmon
725-3770-US[1] United States 07-95 Alps SKCM Black Alps SKCL Yellow
725-3771-AZ[3] French 9019 Alps SKCM Salmon Alps SKCL Green
725-3771-WH[4] Spanish-based 15 92 Alps SKCM Salmon Alps SKCL Yellow
725-3771-UK[5] United Kingdom 34 91 Alps SKCM Salmon Alps SKCL Yellow


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