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Manufacturer Input Club
Features 65% Form Factor
Layouts One
Keyswitches Cherry MX (and compatible)
Interface USB
Years of production ?
Price $170.00
Website kono.store/products/whitefox-mechanical-keyboard

The WhiteFox is a 65% keyboard designed by Deskthority user Matt3o.

It uses HaaTa's Kiibohd firmware but it is also compatible with TMK firmware.


The project originally stemmed from a discussion on the forum about what should be Deskthority's next community keyboard project. Matt3o designed the WhiteFox with layout of one of his earlier 65% DIY designs and had it made into a Input Club project. It was first sold through Massdrop in several layout variations including ISO and ANSI but is now (Nov '18) sold on the Kono store only in the Unix-inspired "TrueFox" layout.

Now, there is also a dark-themed "NightFox" variant.

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