Tai-Hao F21-7D

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Tai-Hao F21-7D
Wintek WK750 -- top.jpg
Manufacturer Tai-Hao
Layouts Asian 101, semi-ISO
Keyswitches Tai-Hao APC series, Alps SKBM White
Interface USB
Weight 1250 g (with cable)
Supersedes Tai-Hao F21HQ
Website www.tai-hao.com/catalog/ins.php?index id=63

F21-7D is a model of keyboard from Tai-Hao that typically uses Tai-Hao APC series switches. This model is targeted towards gamers, and features optional high-grip rubber keys on the WASD and cursor keys (typically orange, but also found in red).


F21-7D is derived from model F21HQ, itself derived from Tai-Hao TH-5539-8 (AKA model APC-8).[1] The specification differs between OEM customers; features advertised include 18-key rollover (found to be 8KRO during testing) and programmability. The keycaps are black with laser printing.

In most cases, the layout is Asian 101; however, the AZiO Levetron Clicker has an ISO enter key, although the layout itself is not ISO (left shift is full size and the keyboard only has 104 keys).[2]

The keyboard is cited (albeit not by Tai-Hao themselves) to have "fully programmable keys" and "10 profiles" but this is not well-documented.[3][4]

The keyboard controller is a glop-top chip-on-board IC on a small PCB, very similar to that used in modern membrane keyboards.


Multiple companies have sold this keyboard under their own brands. Tai-Hao also sell the keyboard under their own Clicker brand.

Brand/model Switches Notes
Clicker F21-7D APC BSW 055WH depicted
AZiO Levetron Clicker (KB528U) APC BSW 070WH (per the box) This is advertised as 18KRO, but was found to be 8KRO during testing. The rubber WASD and arrow keys are non-optional with this variant. The only depiction of the switches shows them to be Alps SKBM White instead of Tai-Hao APC series.[2]
Rosewill Striker RK-6000 Likely APC BSW 055WH[3]
Wintek WK750 APC BSW 055WH


Wintek WK750

Unbranded version reportedly sold by Wintek, marked as model WK750, and manufactured in 2011. The switches are indicated as APC BSW 055WH on the box, and appear to be the older teal colour (although some photos are closer to sky blue).

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