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Wong's Electronics Company Limited
Headquarters Hong Kong

Logo used on keyboards

Wong's Electronics (Chinese: 王氏電子有限公司), commonly referred to as Wong's, is a Hong Kong manufacturer. Wong's was responsible for two of the keyboard types for the Acorn BBC Microcomputer, as well as overflow manufacturing capacity for whole computers. The Hong Kong–made BBC Micros were denoted as being made by "Wong's Electronics Ltd, H.K.".[1] Signature Plastics report that Wong's was a major customer.[2]

Wong's is notable for being one of the few companies known to use Futaba linear switches.

AWC branding on a BBC Microcomputer keyboard


In 1980, Atari in China entered into a joint venture with Wong's to create Atari-Wong.[3] The name can be found on the label on many Atari CX-2600 consoles.[4]

According to the Atari CX85 service manual, the CX85 keyboard manufacturers were Hi-Tek (as of yet unseen variant) and Atari-Wong. The letters "AWC" found on an Atari 800XL keyboard appear to denote Atari-Wong,[5] although at no point did it match the company name. The full names in English were:

  1. ATARI - WONG LIMITED (Introduction on 1980-07-25 to 1982-09-23)
  2. ATARI INTERNATIONAL (HONG KONG) LIMITED (1982-09-24 to dissolution on 2003-03-14)


Previously, the logo found on keyboards was taken to denote AWC, as it differs from the current Wong's logo by having two additional, diagonal lines. As "AWC" is seldom seen, it makes more sense that the logo simply changed, that the logo represents Wong's, and AWC denotes Atari-Wong. This would explain why no other reference to "AWC" exists.


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