Wooting Lekker

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Wooting Lekker
Manufacturer Huano
Introduced Pending
Sense method Hall effect
Rated lifetime 100 million presses
Bounce time 0.03 ms (sense time, no bounce)
Peak force 65 cN
Pretravel 0.1 - 3.8 mm (variable)
Total travel 4 mm
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount

The Lekker switch is an unreleased switch being in development by Wooting and Huano.


The switch uses hall effect sensing. The Lekker switch is supposed to provide analogue sensing over the full travel range: from top to bottom, an improvement over the Adomax Flaretech switch used in Wooting's existing keyboards,

Only a linear variant has been announced so far. Because it has no electric connection, it would be hot-swap capable through a plate.

It has Cherry MX mount for compatibility with existing key sets. It also has a clear top which should allow for bleeding backlight.

The switch modules are to be manufactured by Huano and the Hall effect sensors by mPower.


The word "Lekker" means "delicious" or "enticing" in Dutch.

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