Wooting Two

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Wooting Two
Model no. Wooting Two
Manufacturer Wooting
Features RGB backlighting, analogue gamepad emulation
Layouts Full-size US-ANSI and several ISO (UK, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Belgian, Estonian, Nordic)
Keyswitches Adomax Flaretech: Red, Blue, Black
Switch mount Plate mount, detachable.
Interface detachable USB Type-C: HID Keyboard, X-Box 360 gamepad emulation
Rollover NKRO
Weight ??? g
Introduced 2018
Price €160 (pre-order)
Website wooting.nl

Wooting Two is a keyboard with analogue-capable key switches from Wooting It is full-size successor the the tenkeyless Wooting One.

The regular Wooting Two has optical Adomax Flaretech switches. It was first available through Kickstarter that started in 2018 and later through pre-order from Wooting.

A Wooting Two Lekker Edition with Lekker hall-effect switches is in development.

Key features

Same as the Wooting One. The keyboard switches between keyboard mode and gamepad mode with the Mode key now in the upper-most right corner beside Action Keys.

The controller still has features for uploading firmware, tweaking analogue sensing, actuation points, layouts and profiles, configurable in its "Wootility" application.

Double action key presses are also supported, here called DKS ("Double Key Stroke").


The keyboard is a floating-key design, with the mounting plate exposed. The switch modules are detachable from the top plate with the help of an included ring-type switch/keycap-puller. A couple of spare switch modules of either type are included. The "Premium" package includes also a complete set of the other switch type (55cN Red linear vs. 55cN Blue clicky vs. 85cN Black linear).

The plate has a sandblasted black-anodised finish with an appearance similar to the plastic side and bottom. It is replaceable, and also an extra set of screws are included in case the original screws would get lost.

The Wooting Two now comes with USB Type-C plug plugs into the bottom of the keyboard. There is a cable gutter same as Wooting One with exits out the back in the centre and closer the left and right corners.

The regular Wooting Two has RGB full-colour backlighting and thin keycaps made from translucent plastic painted black as is the norm for backlit gaming keyboards. The upcoming Lekker Edition is supposed to have double-shot PBT keycaps.


The regular Wooting Two with optical switches was initially crowdfunded, started on Kickstarter in May 2018.

It was later available by preorder from Wooting's web site. It is not currently available from various resellers, for a list see wooting.nl. Five main variants, with Blue (clicky), Red and Black (linear) switches and ISO or ANSI layout, will be available soon.