Wyse 50 keyboard

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Wyse 50 keyboard
Part number 840059-01
Branding Wyse
Manufacturer Wyse
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black
Interface Wyse (10-pin DIN)
Precedes Wyse ASCII

Wyse 50 keyboard is a Wyse terminal keyboard designed for the Wyse 50 terminal. Visually, the Wyse 50 keyboard is virtually identical to its successor, the Wyse ASCII, with the chief exception being the use of stepped keycaps. The Wyse 50 also uses a highly unusual 10-pin DIN-style connector.[1]

The keycaps were presumably made by Comptec, which later became Signature Plastics.


The Wyse 50 keyboard is reported to be compatible with the following terminals:[2]


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