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WYSE 001.jpg
Part number 840105-01
Manufacturer Wyse
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black
Rubber dome
Interface Wyse (4P4C)
Years of production 1990s

Wyse ASCII keyboard is a Wyse terminal keyboard designed for the Wyse 60 terminal. The Wyse ASCII keyboard is very similar to the Wyse 50 keyboard, but without the stepped keycaps and with a 4P4C modular connector instead of 10-pin DIN. The Wyse ASCII also has the same layout as the Wyse ANSI; the difference between these two is not known, only that the Wyse 60 terminal has both ASCII and ANSI personalities.

Keycaps for the Cherry MX Variant were made by Signature Plastics. Space bar is 9.75 units wide, with one centre mount and 2 stabiliser mounts 3.5 units from the centre.


Part number Description
840105-01 Grey[1]
840338-01 Grey[2]
901867-01 White[1], rubber dome[3]


The Wyse 50 keyboard is reported to be compatible with the following terminals:[1]

  • Wyse 55, 55ES
  • Wyse 60
  • Wyse 65
  • Wyse 99GT
  • Wyse 120/150/160/185, Wyse 285
  • Wyse 325
  • Wyse 355
  • Wyse 370
  • Wyse 520


Grey version

Keycap colours

Wyse ASCII SP colors

Although Signature Plastics keeps records of what they produce, these records had been destroyed after 10 years. However, these are the currently available colours which have perfect or closest match to a NIB sample:

  • BBI (Very dark blue) for text
  • GSX (Light grey) for alphanumeric keys
  • GTD (Dark grey) for modifier and function keys
  • YY (Yellow) for cursor arrows
  • GA (Grey) for the case

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