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YH-B switch
YH-B infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Unknown
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount PCB mount

YH-B refers to an Alps clone derivative of unknown manufacturer; the term comes from the lettering on the switch. They were sold by Guitar Hero Repair as replacement strum switches for certain Guitar Hero controllers. Formerly referred to as YH-B Alps clone, they are in fact not Alps clones: the leg spacing is significantly greater than on an Alps clone.


The YH-B switch is PCB-mount and is based on either the Xiang Min KSBF series or the Hua-Jie AK-CN2 (2). Most of the parts show distinct differences with the KSBF/AK-CN2 (2); the parts are simpler, and lack the gold-coloured plating normally found on switch contacts. There is also a redundant third leg that is not electrically connected to any other part of the switch, possibly to assist in securing the switch to the PCB in the absence of a plate. According to Guitar Hero Repair, the third leg is required for some Guitar Hero controllers (even though it's electrically isolated); for use in the Guitar Hero 3 controller, they indicate that the redundant leg must be removed. No suggestion is made regarding the obstructing fixing pins.

Guitar Hero Repair no longer have a record of the source of these switches, and no longer sell them as they are consequently unable to replenish their stock of them. No compatible switches are known, due to the unusual leg spacing that these switches have.


Switch disassembly

Comparison with Xiang Min

The switch appears to be a copy of the Xiang Min KSBF/KSB-C or Hua-Jie AK-CN2 (2). The following photos show the various parts, with YH-B front and left, and KSB-C rear and right:

Other equipment

It is not known whether any Guitar Hero controllers use YH-B switches, although some use YH switches. However, there has been one confirmed sighting:

  • Guitar controller used for Audition Online[1]

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