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Yantai yellow
Manufacturer Yantai
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Yantai yellow is an Omron clone switch. While lacking the sharpness of moulding detail and plastic surface texture, it is otherwise virtually identical to a real B3G-S series switch, both inside and outside.[1] Unlike the amber or white of an Omron slider, the slider is yellow; the exact shade of yellow appears to vary.[2]

No detailed study of the switchplate exists, but superficially it appears to be almost identical to that of the genuine article, unlike with Dai-Ichi CL-1145 which has simplified internals.

The switch is only known to exist in a single keyboard, also made by Yantai (apparent model RA-1D), from the early 90s. This keyboard was found with amber B3G-S series switches for the heavier keys (space and enter);


  • Great Wall KBD5 (1993; FCC ID appears to be JO6RA-1D (Yantai, 1992) as the PCB is labelled "RA-1D")[2]