Zenith Z-150

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Zenith Z-150
S-l1600 (2).jpg
Part number 100-1886
Branding Zenith Data Systems
Manufacturer Alps Electric?
Keyswitches Alps SKCL Green
Alps SKCL Yellow
Alps SKCL Cream
Alps SKCL Grey
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface XT AT

The Zenith Z-150 is a plate mounted linear Alps SKCM series keyboard from Zenith.

The keyboard features excellent build quality with very thick plastic construction and a metal plate back cover. A thick non detachable cable is also included. It was bundled with multiple Zenith computer systems from the 1980's.

Keys use either Alps SKCL Green or Alps SKCL Yellow. The spacebar can sometimes use Alps SKCL Cream or Alps SKCL Grey depending on the year in which the keyboard was made.

The keycaps are either doubleshot ABS or dye sublimated PBT. Spacebars are always ABS.

All versions of the Z-150 have a internal speaker which makes a beep noise when typing on the alpha keys. To disable/enable the beeper use the key combo Alt + Esc.


The 100-1886 version of the Z-150 has a black logo and is a XT keyboard. It is not compatible with modern PC's without a active converter. It is thought that the 1886 version is older but both versions came with Green or Yellow Alps (Yellow Alps is the newer version). This points to that both versions were made at or near the same time for different Zenith systems.
The 100-1860 version of the Z-150 has a white logo and is a AT keyboard. It is natively compatible with modern computers set to AT. The layout differs from the XT such as having a SysRq key and moving the tilde key to where backslash key is.