Zenith ZA-180-89

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Zenith ZA-180-89
Branding Zenith Data Systems
Manufacturer Alps Electric?
Keyswitches Alps integrated dome,
Alps common mount low profile
Switch mount PCB mount
Keycaps Dye dublimated PBT
Introduced 1989?

Zenith ZA-180-89 is a standalone numeric keypad designed to interface with Zenith Data Systems's range of notebook computers, such as the Zenith Supersport SX.


In addition to the usual grid from num lock down to enter, the keypad features the F11 and F12 function keys that are absent from the Supersport SX. There is an additional, isolated column on the left of the keys that can only be accessed using the Fn key on the Supersport: Scroll lock, Home, End, Page up, and Page down.

Despite being a companion product for their notebook line, the ZA-180-89 bears numerous differences to the Supersport SX:

The PCB carries Alps's branding on the trace side, and "MADE IN JAPAN" on the top.


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