Zenith ZKB-2R

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Zenith ZKB-2R -- top.jpg
Part number 163-56
Branding Zenith Data Systems
Keyswitches Alps SKCL Green,
Alps SKCL Yellow

ZKB-2R is a keyboard from Zenith. It was suggested at one point that ZKB-2R is the red LED version of ZKB-2, but clearly there is a greater significance because ZKB-2R has an FCC ID while ZKB-2 appears not to (although the ZKB-2R FCC ID ends "ZKB2" not "ZKB2R").

The mystery is deeper, though. ZKB-0001-01 has part number 163-56, and this number appears on a label on ZKB-2R also (a different number is found on ZKB-2). This keyboard appears to be physically identical, but the switch type and LED colour is not known as the images come from an out-of-stock item from a recycler. ZKB-0001-01 does not have an FCC ID, and the "E.I.A." number is 416 instead of 343.