Zowie Celeritas II

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Zowie Celeritas II
Manufacturer Zowie
Features Red backlighting, Media functions, Windows lock
Layouts US-ANSI, Nordic, German.
Keyswitches Adomax Flaretech Red
Switch mount Plate mount, detachable.
Interface USB, PS/2 with included adapter
Rollover NKRO
Dimensions 44.2 × 17 × 3.8 cm
Weight 1273g
Introduced 2017
Supersedes Zowie Celeritas
Price $130, €139.99
Website zowie.benq.com/en/product/keyboard/keyboard/celeritas-ii.html

Zowie Celeritas II is a basic gaming keyboard from BenQ/Zowie. It has optomechanical Flaretech switches. It is available only in black with red backlighting.


The rubberised body surrounds the switches (not a floating design). Like its predecessor Celeritas it has a sloping front, but now with a backlit Zowie symbol in the centre. There is also a sunken "BenQ" logo on the side.

The Enter key (at least on the US-ANSI variety) is the larger backwards-L variety with the \ key moved to the bottom row to the left of a shorter Right Shift. The Fn key takes the space of a right Windows key. The Menu key is labelled "App".

It has red backlighting with adjustable brightness (including "off") but locking keys shine white when active, as does the Windows key when locked to Control. The plate under the keys is white but as the keyboard has Flaretech switches, the plate does not reflect much of the red light as backlit keyboards with Cherry MX switches.

The repeat rate can be sped up 2×, 3× and 4×, but only in PS/2 mode.

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