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Acer Inc.
Industry Electronics and hardware
Founded 1976 (as Multitech)
Headquarters Xizhi, New Taipei, Taiwan
Key people Zhentang Wang
FCC grantee code GQ8 (Acer America Corporation of California)
JVP (now listed as Benq Corporation of Taiwan)


Common keyboard styles

Acer 6010 series, 6310 series and 6510 series keyboards shared case styles. These styles include:

Reverse curve

This is probably the most common style. The bottom of the case is sheet metal. This style is confirmed with 6310 and 6510 series.

Flat angled

This is another common style. The top of the case is flat, and the front of the case is tapered. The LEDs sit within a groove at the top right. This style is confirmed with 6010, 6310 and 6510.