Alps MGM-106

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Alps MGM-106
Alps MCM-106 Mac keyboard.jpg
Model no. Alps MGM-106
Branding Alps
Manufacturer Alps
Features Mac Keyboard with Glidepoint trackpad and split space bar
Layouts Macintosh specific
Keyswitches Alps SKBM White
Interface ADB

This is Alps Glidepoint keyboard consisting of Alps SKBM White key switches that is specifically a Macintosh version that is ADB compatible. It has an integrated Glidepoint mechanism that acts as the mouse. This keyboard also came in a Windows version.[Citation needed] Of interest is the split spacebar. The Alps SKBM White key switches are mounted on a grey metal switch plate that shows some corrosion because the stabilizer clips were greased and this has trapped dirt and moisture over time.

This is the keyboard with engraved letters and numbers under each key cap