Alps SKCC Green

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Alps SKCC Green
Alps SKCC Green -- variants table.jpg
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Family Alps SKCC series
Product code SKCCBK
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force ca. 60 gf
Switch mount Plate mount

Alps SKCC Green is a switch in Alps SKCC series.


The return spring has been found with 11 and with 12 active turns, both pictured below. The switch is a slightly lighter weight than Alps SKCC Cream, whose spring has been found with 9 active turns for the same approximate length and gauge. SKCC Green's spring has been measured as 10.7 mm long with 0.21 mm gauge wire.

Based on non-scientific keystem-to-keystem testing, SKCC Green appears to be the same weight as General Instrument Series S950 (rated at 60 gf), while it is heaver than RAFI RS 76 C 010 (estimated 50 cN). SKCC Green also appears to share the same return spring as S95010. This would suggest a 60 gf actuation force for Green. From the spring turn ratio (11:9 Cream/Green), this would put Alps SKCC Cream at around 70 cN.




The photos below depict part SKCCBK0001, which was at the time stocked by Eleport Corp in Japan. This is the source of model number "SKCCBK"; the switches from Eleport could not unfortunately be obtained for inspection.

Heath/Zenith HTX-10 keyboard


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