Apple Adjustable Keyboard

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Apple Adjustable Keyboard
Apple Adjustable front.JPG
Part number M1242
Branding Apple
Keyswitches Alps SKFS, microswitches
Switch mount PCB mount
Interface ADB
Weight 1005g, keypad 372g

The Apple Adjustable Keyboard is an ergonomic Macintosh keyboard from Apple.


The Apple Adjustable Keyboard is a flat ergonomic keyboard. The keyboard is formed of two halves that hinge from the centre back, and extend away from each other horizontally. The large spacebar remains in the centre, attached to the fixed base. The keyboard was shipped with removable wrist rests (one per side), and a separate numeric keypad with its own wrist rest. The function keys and navigation cluster are all located on the numeric keypad.

The primary switches appear to be Alps SKFS, which according to the 1994 Alps catalogue are clicky. The upper navigation cluster and the function keys are buttons, and appear to be simple microswitches.[1]


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