BTC dome with slider

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BTC dome with slider
Switch recognition--BTC--U mount.svg
Manufacturer BTC
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Conductive domes over PCB, membrane
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount

BTC dome with slider is a type of rubber dome switch with distinctive Cherry MX mount sliders.

The same sliders were also used on the BTC foam and foil switch.

The specifications are taken from the BTC 8120 manual.


Conductive domes over a PCB
Pressure domes over membrane sheets


The specification varies by keyboard, and no manuals observed to date state for the record which type of switch is used. Known specifications are:

Specification BTC-5100C BTC-8120 BTC-51/71/72/29 series
Travel 3.8±0.2 mm 3.5±0.5 mm 3.5±0.5 mm
Pretravel 0.9±0.2 mm 1.0±0.5 mm 1.0±0.5 mm
Lifetime 10M 20M 10M
Tactile force 55±8 g 60±20 g 60±20 g