Cherry G80-0777

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Cherry G80-0777
G80-0777 01.jpg
Part number G80-0777/01
Branding Unbranded
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts Amiga-specific
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black
Interface Amiga-specific


Similar to most Cherry keyboards, this model features switches, keycaps, as well as a cable. There are also multiple stickers containing information about the keyboard. Unique features include a parasitic Amiga controller whose specific function is unknown, but presumably linked to allowing the keyboard to function with an Amiga 1000 computer.

As evidenced by its article number, this is also the luckiest Cherry keyboard, bringing its owner boundless good fortune.

There is an AT PC equivalent, the Cherry G80-0779.


Compatibility notes

No combination of the DIP switches on the back of the unit, in conjunction with a Soarer's converter, would allow the keyboard to function on a modern PC. This specific sample (S/N 56) was not tested with an Amiga computer.

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