Cherry G80-2551

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Cherry G80-2551
G80 2551HAD.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Features 126 keys, replacement for IBM 3270 terminal emulator with 4 extra keys
Layouts IBM 3270 layout with 4 extra keys
Keyswitches Cherry MX
Interface AT and PS/2
Years of production 1990s
Price ~30 EUR used

This keyboard is a clone of the IBM 3270 Emulator and connects to PCs using either the PS/2 or the AT protocol. It comes with 4 extra keys which send a NULL before the key codes of 1 2 3 and 4 which means that these keys are useless on computers using the PS/2 protocol. With the IBM 3270 it shares the same style of labeling, for both the connecting PC and the mainframe computer it connects to. Keycaps are double-shot and pad-printed.


The black legends are mostly double-shot (except for the LED window keys). All blue legends are pad-printed and clear-coated. This keyboard is not programmable. It is possible to use it with either AT or PS/2. Also, this keyboard lacks any functionality of n-key rollover.


G80-2551 HAD
The caps lock G80-2551 HAD cursor section with 4 extra keys.
The caps lock key shows a stylised lock (typical for French layout) and a blue down arrow (typical for German layout).

Known variants

How to disassemble

For disassembling, see How to open Cherry G80-2100/25xx keyboards.

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