Cherry G81-1900

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Cherry G81-1900
Manufacturer Cherry
Keyswitches Cherry MY
Interface XT/AT switchable, DIN, DIN socket, serial socket
Weight Unknown
Years of production Unknown
Price Unknown

The G81-1900 is a keyboard made by Cherry featuring a magnetic card swipe reader. Like the G80-1600, it has a DIN socket to attach a barcode reader. It makes use of Cherry MY switches. The layout of the keys is identical to the Cherry G80-1800 and Cherry G81-1800.

Keycap compatibility with Cherry MX

Cherry MY switches have chiefly been used in Cherry G81 series keyboards. The biggest reason for buying one of these keyboards might be to harvest the keycaps and put them on a modern board with Cherry MX switches.

Stabilisers are different for MX and MY switches. On MY switches, the stabilizer bar is directly attached to the switch, while in the MX series, each switch has a pair of individual stabilizer mounts.

On more recent MY boards, made after 2001, all keycaps with stabilizers, including the space bar, Enter, Backspace, numeric keypad Enter etc. have their stabilizing hinges integrated in the keycaps themselves. They are therefore normally not compatible with Cherry MX switches.

G81-1900 H_D
Sockets of a G81-1900