Clare/Pendar low profile reed

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Clare/Pendar low profile reed
Manufacturer Clare Belgium, Pendar (France), CEDI, ESM
Product code SFLnnnn/SGLnnnn/SILnnnn
Discontinued 2015
Switch type Linear; momentary, alternate action; illuminated; SPST
Sense method Reed
Rated lifetime 50M (momentary)
1M (alternate action)
Bounce time 1 ms
Actuation force Various
Pretravel 0.9 mm
Total travel 4 mm
Keycap mount Clare-Pendar mount
Switch mount Plate mount
Patents US4642433 (1985)

The Clare/Pendar low profile reed series comprises the short reed keyboard switches from Clare and Pendar in Europe. The North American counterpart is Clare-Pendar Series S880. In the ordering information section of EFL's catalogue, the term "SFL Series" is also used to cover the whole series, but this is ambiguous at best.


The low-profile reed switches share the same PCB and plate dimensions as Clare/Pendar high profile reed. Illumination can be provided using either an LED or an incandescent bulb. The keystem angle for stepped switches is 11°.

The series appears to have gone out of production with the bankruptcy of ESM in 2015.

Product range

The product range was divided into three sub-series:

Alternate action
Momentary illuminated

These families were branded either Clare or as Pendar (the latter being made in France, as shown in the ESM catalogue). No explanation exists for why both companies were making the parts separately.

Perhaps due to the reduced size of the switch, the feature set of low-profile reed is smaller than that of Clare/Pendar high profile reed. In particular, DPST is not supported (the part number field for the second pair of contacts is always zero) and alternate action and and illumination are not supported at the same time.

Part numbers

Part numbers follow the format:

Switch sub-series; F = momentary, G = latching, I = momentary illuminated
Extra character to denote low-profile
Terminals and keystem
  • 1 = Sloped (upright keystem); 5 mm terminals
  • 3 = Stepped (angled keystem); 5 mm terminals
  • 5 = Sloped; 3.5 mm terminals
  • 6 = Stepped; 3.5 mm terminals
Contacts; 0 = No contacts, 1 = 1 form A (SPST NO), 5 = 1 form A with diode
Low-profile reed is SPST only, so this position is always zero
Operating force (weight); 0 = Fixed slider, 1 = 50 gf, 2 = 80 gf


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