Das Keyboard III

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Das Keyboard III
Das keyboard 3 model s ultimate iso topview.jpg
Branding Das Keyboard
Manufacturer Costar, undisclosed OEM
Product family Das Keyboard
Features 2-port USB hub
Layouts 104/105 Key US, DE, EU, and many more
Keyswitches Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown
Interface USB, PS/2
Rollover 6KRO/NKRO
Weight 1.36 kg
Precedes Das Keyboard 4
Supersedes Das Keyboard II
Price $129 (Blue switches), $135 (Brown switches)

Das Keyboard III is the third generation of the Das Keyboard series. All but the earliest versions are known as Model S.


The Das Keyboard III was the first fully-custom keyboard from Metadot, featuring a uniquely-shaped gloss black case and blue lock LEDs. It features 6-key rollover over USB and N-key rollover over PS/2 with a passive adapter, and provides a two-port USB 2.0 hub. The switches are plate-mounted Cherry MX.

In a departure from the previous generations, variants were available with printed legends in addition to the blank variants.


Metadot were not consistent with their naming. The same keyboard can be named slightly differently, with the words juxtaposed.

The "Ultimate Model S Soft Tactile" was previously known as the "Das Keyboard Model S Silent". When keyboards with legends were introduced, they were divided into "Ultimate" (no legends, as before) and "Professional".

The words "Silent", "Soft Tactile" and "Soft Pressure Point" all mean the same thing: that it has brown switches instead of blue.


The third generation of Das Keyboard was available in six variants:

  • Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate
  • Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate Soft Tactile
  • Das Keyboard Model S Professional
  • Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac
  • Das Keyboard Model S Professional with Media Controls
  • Das Keyboard Model S Professional with Media Controls Soft Pressure Point

The "Professional" variants have lasered and filled legends, while the "Ultimate" variants have completely blank keys like the previous generation.

The words "Silent", "Soft Tactile" and "Soft Pressure Point" have been used to name the variants with Cherry MX Brown switches. The versions without any such designation have (clicky) Cherry MX Blue switches.

The latest variants have media player and sleep functions on the function keys, accessed through the Fn key. On the "Professional for Mac", the Fn modifier is in the same place as the menu key on a PC keyboard. On the "Professional with Media Controls" models, a new 1.25 unit Fn key has been squeezed in-between the left Ctrl and Windows keys thus shrinking the space bar to 5 units in width. Media legends are printed in blue.

The media-key models are manufactured by a non-disclosed OEM from China, while those without media keys are produced by Costar in Taiwan.[1]


The current models are called "Model S" to distinguish them from the earliest Das Keyboard (III) which had problems with the controller.

There used to be a "Model S Professional Silent" version, but that has been discontinued.


Model S Ultimate ISO