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Ducky DK1008
Branding Ducky
Features Detachable cable
Layouts ANSI with English and Chinese legends
Keyswitches Cherry MX, Xiang Min KSB series
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface USB and PS/2
Rollover NKRO (PS/2), 6KRO (USB)
Price ~ $60–100

DK1008 is a full-size keyboard from Ducky's 1000-series range of budget keyboards. The tenkeyless equivalent is the Ducky DK1087.


It has a detachable USB cord, and has standoffs. The lock keys have integrated LEDs.


Cherry MX

Available with at least Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Red switches. ANSI layout with US English and Chinese legends.

Xiang Min KSB

Available with black KSB-N (linear) and green KSB-C (clicky) switches, in ANSI layout with English legends. These variants are popularly referred to as "DK1008XM" (or 1008 XM, DK-1008 XM etc) to differentiate them from the Cherry variants.

For the LED keys, white KSB-LE switches are used.

The KSB switch version retails for less money than the Cherry MX version.